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Car number 82 in 1951

NASCAR Cup Series Results

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1951-11Columbia34 23382Joe EubanksOldsmobile /20010 0
1951-17Weaverville30 1982Joe EubanksOldsmobile /20025  
1951-20Detroit5913282Joe EubanksOldsmobile250/2502,000running7
1951-21Toledo33 2782Joe EubanksOldsmobile /20025 0
1951-22Morristown44 2682Joe EubanksHudson /20025 0
1951-24Darlington82717582Joe EubanksOldsmobile92/4000 0
1951-25Columbia29 2782Joe EubanksOldsmobile /20025 0
1951-26Macon22 1382Joe EubanksOldsmobile /20025 0
1951-28Charlotte30 1482Joe EubanksOldsmobile /20025 0
1951-31Hillsboro24 382Joe EubanksOldsmobile148/150450running0
1951-36North Wilkesboro26 3382Joe EubanksOldsmobile /200450running0