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Car number 8 in 2021

Weathertech SportsCar Championship Results

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2021-01Daytona (Road)49 328John FaranoORECA LMP2 07787/8070running0
2021-01Daytona (Road)49 328Gabriel AubryORECA LMP2 07787/8070running0
2021-01Daytona (Road)49 328Timothe BuretORECA LMP2 07787/8070running0
2021-01Daytona (Road)49 328Matthieu VaxiviereORECA LMP2 07787/8070running0
2021-02Sebring37 538John FaranoORECA LMP2 07266/3490crash0
2021-02Sebring37 538Gabriel AubryORECA LMP2 07266/3490crash0
2021-02Sebring37 538Timothe BuretORECA LMP2 07266/3490crash0
2021-05Watkins Glen38 348James FrenchORECA LMP2 07146/2000crash0
2021-05Watkins Glen38 348John FaranoORECA LMP2 07146/2000crash0
2021-05Watkins Glen38 348Gabriel AubryORECA LMP2 07146/2000crash0
2021-06Watkins Glen30 338John FaranoORECA LMP2 0759/630running0
2021-06Watkins Glen30 338Gabriel AubryORECA LMP2 0759/630running0
2021-08Elkhart Lake35 328John FaranoORECA LMP2 0775/760running0
2021-08Elkhart Lake35 328Gabriel AubryORECA LMP2 0775/760running0
2021-09Laguna Seca26 428John FaranoORECA LMP2 07115/1180running0
2021-09Laguna Seca26 428Gabriel AubryORECA LMP2 07115/1180running0
2021-12Road Atlanta43 418James FrenchORECA LMP2 07407/4100running0
2021-12Road Atlanta43 418John FaranoORECA LMP2 07407/4100running0
2021-12Road Atlanta43 418Gabriel AubryORECA LMP2 07407/4100running0