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Car number 7 in 2022

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Results

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2022-01New Smyrna31 837Mike Christopher, Jr.Chevrolet200/2000running6
2022-02Richmond281077Jimmy Blewett 150/1500running0
2022-03Riverhead30 317Doug Coby 213/2130running196
2022-04Lee19 317Doug Coby 181/1810running78
2022-05Jennerstown22 817Mike Christopher, Jr. 150/1500running22
2022-06Monadnock26 657Doug Coby 200/2000running0
2022-07Riverhead2610107Doug Coby 200/2000running0
2022-08Wall27 217Jimmy Blewett 150/1500running13
2022-09Loudon25 477Doug Coby 100/1000running20
2022-10Claremont231797Doug Coby 150/1500running0
2022-11Thompson24 1217Jimmy Blewett 99/1500crash6
2022-12Hampton19 117Doug Coby 150/1500running150
2022-13Oswego25 277Doug Coby 150/1500running52
2022-14Riverhead25 447Doug Coby 256/2560running0
2022-15Thompson24 727Mike Christopher, Jr. 150/1500running0
2022-16Martinsville35 2177Jimmy Blewett 200/2000running0