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Car number 66 in 1999

CASCAR East Series Results

(1998-2000 only)

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1999-01Delaware3717666Robin BuckPontiac /2500 0
1999-02Peterborough3016966Robin BuckPontiac149/1500 0
1999-03Ste. Croix29151666Robin BuckPontiac198/2000 0
1999-04St. Eustache31272466Robin BuckPontiac148/1500  
1999-05Hamilton38133666Robin BuckPontiac128/2500 0
1999-06Bowmanville31 62366Robin BuckPontiac149/2000 0
1999-07Toronto35 1166Robin BuckPontiac34/340running32
1999-08Hamilton39111166Robin BuckPontiac250/2500running0
1999-09New Brunswick22 41266Robin BuckPontiac199/2000 0