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Car number 6 in 2018

NASCAR K&N Pro Series East Results

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2018-01New Smyrna2913266Ruben Garcia, Jr.Toyota115/1750electrical0
2018-02Bristol2811106Ruben Garcia, Jr.Toyota150/1500running0
2018-03Hampton15 4106Ruben Garcia, Jr.Toyota150/1500running0
2018-04South Boston1710126Ruben Garcia, Jr.Toyota25/1000crash0
2018-05South Boston16 8156Ruben Garcia, Jr.Toyota37/1000mechanical0
2018-06Memphis19 516Ruben Garcia, Jr.Toyota150/1500running38
2018-07Millville16 376Ruben Garcia, Jr.Toyota55/550running0
2018-09Loudon2016126Ruben Garcia, Jr.Toyota70/700running0
2018-11Watkins Glen25 786Ruben Garcia, Jr.Toyota41/410running5
2018-13Loudon17 8176Ruben Garcia, Jr.Toyota95/1290running0
2018-14Dover17 816Ruben Garcia, Jr.Toyota125/1250running75