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Car number 51 in 2021

Indy Lights Series Results

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#DriverChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
2021-01Birmingham13 5451Toby SoweryDallara / Mazda30/300running0
2021-02Birmingham13 5451Toby SoweryDallara / Mazda35/300running0
2021-03St. Petersburg13111351Toby SoweryDallara / Mazda22/350running0
2021-04St. Petersburg13 6951Toby SoweryDallara / Mazda40/400running0
2021-05Indianapolis G.P.13 2351Toby SoweryDallara / Mazda30/300running0
2021-06Indianapolis G.P.13 3251Toby SoweryDallara / Mazda35/350running0
2021-07Belle Isle13 3351Toby SoweryDallara / Mazda25/250running0
2021-08Belle Isle13 6451Toby SoweryDallara / Mazda30/300running0
2021-09Elkhart Lake13 6551Toby SoweryDallara / Mazda20/200running2
2021-10Elkhart Lake13 81351Toby SoweryDallara / Mazda1/200crash0
2021-11Mid-Ohio13 9651Toby SoweryDallara / Mazda35/350running0
2021-12Mid-Ohio13 8651Toby SoweryDallara / Mazda35/350running0
2021-13Gateway12 81151Toby SoweryDallara / Mazda26/660suspension0
2021-14Gateway12 6851Toby SoweryDallara / Mazda62/620running0
2021-15Portland11 9751Rasmus LindhDallara / Mazda30/300running0
2021-16Portland1110951Rasmus LindhDallara / Mazda30/300running0
2021-17Laguna Seca11 6551Rasmus LindhDallara / Mazda30/300running0
2021-18Laguna Seca11 9751Rasmus LindhDallara / Mazda35/350running0
2021-19Mid-Ohio12 91051Rasmus LindhDallara / Mazda30/300running0
2021-20Mid-Ohio12 7851Rasmus LindhDallara / Mazda28/290running0