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Car number 35 in 1987

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Results

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1987-03Thompson31 1535S.J. Evonsion 75/750running0
1987-04Stafford Springs30261935S.J. Evonsion 80/800running0
1987-06Stafford Springs26201335S.J. Evonsion 98/1000running0
1987-07Monadnock24161835S.J. EvonsionPontiac /1500 0
1987-08Waterford24 1335S.J. Evonsion  /1000 0
1987-13Riverside Park24 1435S.J. Evonsion 147/1500 0
1987-16Stafford Springs26 1135S.J. Evonsion 99/1000 0
1987-17Thompson29 2435S.J. Evonsion  /1000 0
1987-20Stafford Springs30181135S.J. Evonsion 100/1000running 
1987-21Pocono5017835S.J. Evonsion 250/2500running0
1987-24Oxford32 635S.J. Evonsion  /1000  
1987-28Stafford Springs30 1635S.J. Evonsion  /1000