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Car number 34 in 1988

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Results

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1988-02Martinsville32251534Ron ShephardChevrolet194/2000crash0
1988-03Thompson34211534Ron ShephardChevrolet68/75450suspension0
1988-04Martinsville3232934Ron Shephard 149/1500running0
1988-09Oswego27251334Ron Shephard 75/750running0
1988-10Riverhead25 51934Don Howe 143/1510crash0
1988-14Riverhead24 21034Don Howe 200/2010running0
1988-15Oswego24212434Ron Shephard 43/750overheating0
1988-20Pocono52143234Ron Shephard 197/2500dnf0
1988-22Thompson32201634Don Howe 50/500running0