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Car number 3 in 1986

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Results

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1986-01Rougemont2623223Ken BouchardChevrolet33/1500rear end0
1986-02Martinsville32 583Ken BouchardChevrolet200/2000running81
1986-03Stafford Springs302463Ken Bouchard 80/800running0
1986-04Thompson31 8263Ken Bouchard 23/750 0
1986-05Martinsville301453Ken BouchardChevrolet150/1500running0
1986-06New Egypt23 53Ken BouchardChevrolet /1500  
1986-07Monadnock24 13Ken BouchardChevrolet100/1000running 
1986-08Epping19 63Ken Bouchard  /1000  
1986-09New Egypt24 73Ken Bouchard  /1500 0
1986-10Waterford24 8203Ken Bouchard 80/1000crash0
1986-11Williamson26 73Ken Bouchard  /1000 0
1986-12Riverhead24 123Ken Bouchard  /1500 115
1986-13New Egypt24 103Ken Bouchard  /1500  
1986-14Thompson28 173Ken Bouchard  /750  
1986-15Riverhead24 73Ken Bouchard  /1500 0
1986-16Thompson30 103Ken Bouchard  /1000  
1986-17Riverhead241473Ken Bouchard 199/2000running 
1986-18Stafford Springs30 753Ken BouchardBuick200/2000running0
1986-19Thompson461533Ken BouchardBuick300/3000running 
1986-20Pocono513683Ken Bouchard 250/2500running0
1986-21Tioga251273Ken Bouchard  /1500  
1986-22Oxford34 43Ken BouchardBuick /1000  
1986-23Stafford Springs30 873Ken Bouchard 101/1010running0
1986-24Thompson31 133Ken Bouchard  /500  
1986-25Martinsville32 1143Ken BouchardBuick181/2000overheating