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Car number 23 in 2007

NTT IndyCar Series Results

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2007-04Kansas21211423Milka DunoD/HF/F194/20038,100running0
2007-05Indianapolis33293123Milka DunoD/HF/F65/166213,555crash0
2007-07Fort Worth22191123Milka DunoD/HF/F221/22843,200running0
2007-08Iowa19191823Milka DunoD/HF/F60/25036,100too slow0
2007-09Richmond19191923Milka DunoD/HF/F79/25034,600too slow0
2007-13Michigan20191923Milka DunoD/HF/F43/20033,800fuel pressure0
2007-17Chicago22221523Milka DunoD/HF/F184/20036,000running0
C/E/T = Chassis / Engine / Tire codes   (click on a race # to see the code definitions)