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Car number 18 in 2022

NTT IndyCar Series Results

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2022-01St. Petersburg26242618David MalukasD/HF/F23/1000crash0
2022-02Fort Worth27191118David MalukasD/HF/F248/2480running3
2022-03Long Beach26182118David MalukasD/HF/F72/850crash0
2022-04Birmingham26182018David MalukasD/HF/F90/900running0
2022-05Indianapolis G.P.27241218David MalukasD/HF/F75/750running0
2022-06Indianapolis33131618David MalukasD/HF/F200/2000running0
2022-07Belle Isle26 61118David MalukasD/HF/F70/700running0
2022-08Elkhart Lake27141618David MalukasD/HF/F55/550running0
C/E/T = Chassis / Engine / Tire codes   (click on a race # to see the code definitions)