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Car number 16 in 1951

NASCAR Cup Series Results

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1951-01Daytona Beach5530816Bill SnowdenFord /39200 0
1951-02Charlotte40374016Cliff WoodsonOldsmobile0/15010crash0
1951-04Gardena2010416Fred SteinbronerFord /200350running0
1951-06Phoenix33 1116Fred SteinbronerFord /15025 0
1951-07North Wilkesboro38212616Bill SnowdenFord /15025 0
1951-11Columbia34 5816Bill SnowdenFord /200100running0
1951-12Dayton39 3116Bill SnowdenFord /2000 0
1951-13Gardena2222516Fred SteinbronerFord /200200running0
1951-17Weaverville30 916Bill SnowdenOldsmobile /20075  
1951-23Air Base15 1116Bill SnowdenFord /20025 0
1951-24Darlington82 6916Bill SnowdenFord383/400500running0
1951-25Columbia2910916Bill SnowdenFord199/20075running0
1951-30Wilson17 2516Bill SnowdenFord /200200running 
1951-34Martinsville23 2416Bill SnowdenFord /200350running0
1951-35Oakland35 1316Fred SteinbronerFord /25025 0
1951-36North Wilkesboro26 8616Bill SnowdenFord /200150 0
1951-37Hanford34 1016Fred SteinbronerFord /20050 0
1951-38Jacksonville22 6416Bill SnowdenFord /200350running0
1951-39Atlanta31 1516Bill SnowdenFord /10025 0
1951-40Gardena31282916Fred SteinbronerFord /20025 0