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Car number 16 in 2021

Weathertech SportsCar Championship Results

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2021-01Daytona (Road)49 8416Trent HindmanPorsche 911 GT3 R745/8070running0
2021-01Daytona (Road)49 8416Patrick LongPorsche 911 GT3 R745/8070running0
2021-01Daytona (Road)49 8416Jan HeylenPorsche 911 GT3 R745/8070running0
2021-01Daytona (Road)49 8416Klaus BachlerPorsche 911 GT3 R745/8070running0
2021-02Sebring37 1216Trent HindmanPorsche 911 GT3 R320/3490running0
2021-02Sebring37 1216Patrick LongPorsche 911 GT3 R320/3490running0
2021-02Sebring37 1216Jan HeylenPorsche 911 GT3 R320/3490running0
2021-03Mid-Ohio25101216Ryan HardwickPorsche 911 GT3 R107/1220running0
2021-03Mid-Ohio25101216Patrick LongPorsche 911 GT3 R107/1220running0
2021-05Watkins Glen38 2816Trent HindmanPorsche 911 GT3 R179/2000running0
2021-05Watkins Glen38 2816Patrick LongPorsche 911 GT3 R179/2000running0
2021-05Watkins Glen38 2816Jan HeylenPorsche 911 GT3 R179/2000running0
2021-07Lime Rock16 8816Trent HindmanPorsche 911 GT3 R97/1000running0
2021-07Lime Rock16 8816Patrick LongPorsche 911 GT3 R97/1000running0
2021-08Elkhart Lake35 2316Trent HindmanPorsche 911 GT3 R69/760running0
2021-08Elkhart Lake35 2316Patrick LongPorsche 911 GT3 R69/760running0
2021-09Laguna Seca26 1316Trent HindmanPorsche 911 GT3 R107/1180running0
2021-09Laguna Seca26 1316Patrick LongPorsche 911 GT3 R107/1180running0