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Car number 14 in 1997

Formula One Series Results

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RaceSiteCarsStFin#DriverChassis / EngineLapsMoneyStatusLed
1997-01Melbourne22 9514Olivier PanisProst JS45 / Mugen-Honda MF-301HB58/580+60.3080
1997-02Interlagos22 5314Olivier PanisProst JS45 / Mugen-Honda MF-301HB72/720+15.8700
1997-03Oscar Galvez22 31914Olivier PanisProst JS45 / Mugen-Honda MF-301HB18/720electrical0
1997-04Imola22 4814Olivier PanisProst JS45 / Mugen-Honda MF-301HB61/620+1 lap0
1997-05Monte Carlo2212414Olivier PanisProst JS45 / Mugen-Honda MF-301HB62/620+104.4020
1997-06Catalunya2212214Olivier PanisProst JS45 / Mugen-Honda MF-301HB64/640+5.8040
1997-07Montreal22101114Olivier PanisProst JS45 / Mugen-Honda MF-301HB51/540spun off0
1997-08Magny-Cours22 61014Jarno TrulliProst JS45 / Mugen-Honda MF-301HB70/720+2 laps0
1997-09Silverstone2213814Jarno TrulliProst JS45 / Mugen-Honda MF-301HB58/590+1 lap0
1997-10Hockenheimring2211414Jarno TrulliProst JS45 / Mugen-Honda MF-301HB45/450+27.1650
1997-11Hungaroring2212714Jarno TrulliProst JS45 / Mugen-Honda MF-301HB77/770+75.5520
1997-12Spa Francorchamps22141514Jarno TrulliProst JS45 / Mugen-Honda MF-301HB42/440+2 laps0
1997-13Monza22161014Jarno TrulliProst JS45 / Mugen-Honda MF-301HB53/530+62.7060
1997-14Spielberg21 31514Jarno TrulliProst JS45 / Mugen-Honda MF-301HB58/710engine37
1997-15Nurburgring2211614Olivier PanisProst JS45 / Mugen-Honda MF-301HB67/670+43.7500
1997-16Suzuka22101714Olivier PanisProst JS45 / Mugen-Honda MF-301HB36/530engine0
1997-17Jerez22 9714Olivier PanisProst JS45 / Mugen-Honda MF-301HB69/690+67.1450