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Car number 11 in 2005

CASCAR Super Series Results

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2005-01Delaware30252711Ron Van EsChevrolet117/2500 0
2005-02St. Eustache25141811Ron Van EsChevrolet195/2000 0
2005-03Bowmanville33203011Ron Van EsChevrolet23/510 0
2005-04Barrie22171511Ron Van EsChevrolet280/3000 0
2005-05Toronto34242511Ron Van EsChevrolet34/360 0
2005-06Calgary3215911Ron Van EsChevrolet299/3000 0
2005-07Vernon28111011Ron Van EsChevrolet298/3000running0
2005-08Bowmanville20161311Ron Van EsChevrolet200/2000running0
2005-09Peterborough23161311Ron Van EsChevrolet199/2000 0
2005-10Delaware32231711Ron Van EsChevrolet282/3000 0
2005-11Hamilton28141111Ron Van EsChevrolet200/2000running0
2005-12Kawartha29212411Ron Van EsChevrolet175/2500 0