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Car number 1 in 2017

ABB Formula E Series Results

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2017-01Hong Kong20 6171Lucas di GrassiSpark-Audi42/430+1 lap0
2017-02Hong Kong2013141Lucas di GrassiSpark-Audi45/450+39.1370
2017-03Marrakesh20 5201Lucas di GrassiSpark-Audi7/330battery0
2017-04Santiago2013171Lucas di GrassiSpark-Audi21/370lost power0
2017-05Mexico City202091Lucas di GrassiSpark-Audi47/470+29.2080
2017-06Punta del Este20 221Lucas di GrassiSpark-Audi37/370+0.4470
2017-07Rome20 621Lucas di GrassiSpark-Audi33/330+0.9700
2017-08Paris20 621Lucas di GrassiSpark-Audi49/490+4.8822
2017-09Berlin20 521Lucas di GrassiSpark-Audi45/450+6.7580
2017-10Zurich20 511Lucas di GrassiSpark-Audi39/3900:51:19.81122
2017-11Brooklyn191111Lucas di GrassiSpark-Audi43/4301:02:30.05420
2017-12Brooklyn20 521Lucas di GrassiSpark-Audi43/430+0.5080