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Car number 96 in 2016

Weathertech SportsCar Championship Results

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2016-01Daytona (Road)54162296Bret CurtisBMW M6 GT3628/7360running0
2016-01Daytona (Road)54162296Ashley FreibergBMW M6 GT3628/7360running0
2016-01Daytona (Road)54162296Jens KlingmannBMW M6 GT3628/7360running0
2016-01Daytona (Road)54162296Marco WittmannBMW M6 GT3628/7360running0
2016-02Sebring49 3296Bret CurtisBMW M6 GT3229/2380running0
2016-02Sebring49 3296Ashley FreibergBMW M6 GT3229/2380running0
2016-02Sebring49 3296Jens KlingmannBMW M6 GT3229/2380running0
2016-05Laguna Seca24 7596Bret CurtisBMW M6 GT379/820running0
2016-05Laguna Seca24 7596Jens KlingmannBMW M6 GT379/820running0
2016-06Belle Isle2712996Bret CurtisBMW M6 GT356/570running0
2016-06Belle Isle2712996Jens KlingmannBMW M6 GT356/570running0
2016-07Watkins Glen39 81396Bret CurtisBMW M6 GT364/1970boost0
2016-07Watkins Glen39 81396Jens KlingmannBMW M6 GT364/1970boost0
2016-08Bowmanville37 5196Jens KlingmannBMW M6 GT3116/1250running0
2016-08Bowmanville37 5196Bret CurtisBMW M6 GT3116/1250running0
2016-09Lime Rock31 7696Bret CurtisBMW M6 GT3161/1690running0
2016-09Lime Rock31 7696Jens KlingmannBMW M6 GT3161/1690running0
2016-10Elkhart Lake4110796Jens KlingmannBMW M6 GT369/730running0
2016-10Elkhart Lake4110796Bret CurtisBMW M6 GT369/730running0
2016-11VIR21101196Bret CurtisBMW M6 GT325/900dnf0
2016-11VIR21101196Jens KlingmannBMW M6 GT325/900dnf0
2016-12Austin39 9196Bret CurtisBMW M6 GT371/750running0
2016-12Austin39 9196Jens KlingmannBMW M6 GT371/750running0
2016-13Road Atlanta38 9996Bret CurtisBMW M6 GT3364/4120running0
2016-13Road Atlanta38 9996Jens KlingmannBMW M6 GT3364/4120running0
2016-13Road Atlanta38 9996Ashley FreibergBMW M6 GT3364/4120running0