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Car number 9 in 2016

Weathertech SportsCar Championship Results

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2016-01Daytona (Road)542179Kenny HabulAudi R8 LMS GT3701/7360running0
2016-01Daytona (Road)542179Dion von MoltkeAudi R8 LMS GT3701/7360running0
2016-01Daytona (Road)542179Boris SaidAudi R8 LMS GT3701/7360running0
2016-01Daytona (Road)542179Tristan VautierAudi R8 LMS GT3701/7360running0
2016-02Sebring4911169Lawson AschenbachAudi R8 LMS GT3165/2380engine0
2016-02Sebring4911169Dion von MoltkeAudi R8 LMS GT3165/2380engine0
2016-02Sebring4911169Matt BellAudi R8 LMS GT3165/2380engine0
2016-05Laguna Seca241199Lawson AschenbachAudi R8 LMS GT379/820running0
2016-05Laguna Seca241199Matt BellAudi R8 LMS GT379/820running0
2016-06Belle Isle27 5139Lawson AschenbachAudi R8 LMS GT325/570running0
2016-06Belle Isle27 5139Matt BellAudi R8 LMS GT325/570running0
2016-07Watkins Glen39 269Lawson AschenbachAudi R8 LMS GT3184/1970running0
2016-07Watkins Glen39 269Matt BellAudi R8 LMS GT3184/1970running0
2016-08Bowmanville37 799Matt BellAudi R8 LMS GT3114/1250running0
2016-08Bowmanville37 799Lawson AschenbachAudi R8 LMS GT3114/1250running0
2016-09Lime Rock31 359Lawson AschenbachAudi R8 LMS GT3161/1690running0
2016-09Lime Rock31 359Matt BellAudi R8 LMS GT3161/1690running0
2016-10Elkhart Lake41 369Matt BellAudi R8 LMS GT369/730running0
2016-10Elkhart Lake41 369Lawson AschenbachAudi R8 LMS GT369/730running0
2016-11VIR21 229Lawson AschenbachAudi R8 LMS GT388/900running0
2016-11VIR21 229Matt BellAudi R8 LMS GT388/900running0
2016-12Austin39 2129Lawson AschenbachAudi R8 LMS GT370/750running0
2016-12Austin39 2129Matt BellAudi R8 LMS GT370/750running0
2016-13Road Atlanta38 559Lawson AschenbachAudi R8 LMS GT3383/4120running0
2016-13Road Atlanta38 559Matt BellAudi R8 LMS GT3383/4120running0
2016-13Road Atlanta38 559Dion von MoltkeAudi R8 LMS GT3383/4120running0