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Car number 65 in 2009

NASCAR Peak Mexico Series Results

(2011-present only)

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2009-03San Luis Potosi30303065Julian Islas 30/1500dnf0
2009-04Puebla31292565Julian Islas 89/970running
2009-05Queretaro31303165Julian Islas 4/680dnf
2009-06Guadalajara30292065Julian Islas 124/1300running
2009-08San Luis Potosi28272665Julian Islas 135/2000dnf
2009-09Puebla33302565Julian Islas 46/510running
2009-10Monterrey29262365Julian Islas 98/990running
2009-11Queretaro30242165Julian Islas 128/1320running
2009-13Chiapas27262565Julian Islas 82/1520dnf
2009-14Aguascalientes31262265Julian Islas 134/1430running
  DNQs, WDs or driver changes (DC)
2009-12Mexico CityDNQ65Julian Islas  
2009-13ChiapasDNQ65Julian Islas