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Car number 62 in 2017

Weathertech SportsCar Championship Results

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2017-01Daytona (Road)55 4362Giancarlo FisichellaFerrari 488 GTE652/6590running0
2017-01Daytona (Road)55 4362Toni VilanderFerrari 488 GTE652/6590running0
2017-01Daytona (Road)55 4362James CaladoFerrari 488 GTE652/6590running0
2017-02Sebring46 9362Toni VilanderFerrari 488 GTE334/3480running0
2017-02Sebring46 9362James CaladoFerrari 488 GTE334/3480running0
2017-02Sebring46 9362Giancarlo FisichellaFerrari 488 GTE334/3480running0
2017-03Long Beach35 3962Giancarlo FisichellaFerrari 488 GTE0/630crash0
2017-03Long Beach35 3962Toni VilanderFerrari 488 GTE0/630crash0
2017-04Austin39 2962Toni VilanderFerrari 488 GTE1/730crash0
2017-04Austin39 2962Giancarlo FisichellaFerrari 488 GTE1/730crash0
2017-10VIR25 4362Giancarlo FisichellaFerrari 488 GTE93/930running5
2017-10VIR25 4362Toni VilanderFerrari 488 GTE93/930running5
2017-11Laguna Seca33 1262Giancarlo FisichellaFerrari 488 GTE110/1140running0
2017-11Laguna Seca33 1262Toni VilanderFerrari 488 GTE110/1140running0
2017-12Road Atlanta39 1362Giancarlo FisichellaFerrari 488 GTE392/4020running0
2017-12Road Atlanta39 1362Toni VilanderFerrari 488 GTE392/4020running0
2017-12Road Atlanta39 1362Alessandro Pier GuidiFerrari 488 GTE392/4020running0