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Car number 60 in 2010

NASCAR Rolex Grand-Am Sports Car Series Results

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2010-01Daytona (Road)44 2560John PewFord / Riley726/7550running4
2010-01Daytona (Road)44 2560Oswaldo Negri, Jr.Ford / Riley726/7550running4
2010-01Daytona (Road)44 2560Burt FrisselleFord / Riley726/7550running4
2010-01Daytona (Road)44 2560Mark WilkinsFord / Riley726/7550running4
2010-02Homestead3412860John PewFord / Riley128/1290running0
2010-02Homestead3412860Oswaldo Negri, Jr.Ford / Riley128/1290running0
2010-03Birmingham29 9260John PewFord / Riley108/1080running0
2010-03Birmingham29 9260Oswaldo Negri, Jr.Ford / Riley108/1080running0
2010-04VIR32101360John PewFord / Riley40/840running0
2010-04VIR32101360Oswaldo Negri, Jr.Ford / Riley40/840running0
2010-05Lime Rock2611760John PewFord / Riley174/1740running0
2010-05Lime Rock2611760Oswaldo Negri, Jr.Ford / Riley174/1740running0
2010-06Watkins Glen29 5860John PewFord / Riley190/1910running0
2010-06Watkins Glen29 5860Oswaldo Negri, Jr.Ford / Riley190/1910running0
2010-07Mid-Ohio2810260John PewFord / Riley107/1070running0
2010-07Mid-Ohio2810260Oswaldo Negri, Jr.Ford / Riley107/1070running0
2010-08Daytona (Road)30 9360John PewFord / Riley83/830running1
2010-08Daytona (Road)30 9360Oswaldo Negri, Jr.Ford / Riley83/830running1
2010-09Millville3210860John PewFord / Riley116/1160running1
2010-09Millville3210860Oswaldo Negri, Jr.Ford / Riley116/1160running1
2010-10Watkins Glen28 7760John PewFord / Riley98/990running0
2010-10Watkins Glen28 7760Oswaldo Negri, Jr.Ford / Riley98/990running0
2010-11Montreal22 9860John PewFord / Riley62/620running0
2010-11Montreal22 9860Oswaldo Negri, Jr.Ford / Riley62/620running0
2010-12Tooele30101160John PewFord / Riley85/860running0
2010-12Tooele30101160Oswaldo Negri, Jr.Ford / Riley85/860running0