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Car number 44 in 2006

American Le Mans Series Results

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2006-01Sebring35 9444Seth NeimanPorsche 911 GT3 RSR315/3490running0
2006-01Sebring35 9444Darren LawPorsche 911 GT3 RSR315/3490running0
2006-01Sebring35 9444Lonnie PechnikPorsche 911 GT3 RSR315/3490running0
2006-02Houston23 5544Lonnie PechnikPorsche 911 GT3 RSR123/1430running0
2006-02Houston23 5544Seth NeimanPorsche 911 GT3 RSR123/1430running0
2006-03Mid-Ohio22 6344Seth NeimanPorsche 911 GT3 RSR109/1190running0
2006-03Mid-Ohio22 6344Darren LawPorsche 911 GT3 RSR109/1190running0
2006-04Lime Rock24 3844Seth NeimanPorsche 911 GT3 RSR142/1770running0
2006-04Lime Rock24 3844Lonnie PechnikPorsche 911 GT3 RSR142/1770running0
2006-05Tooele22 4844Seth NeimanPorsche 911 GT3 RSR57/650running0
2006-05Tooele22 4844Darren LawPorsche 911 GT3 RSR57/650running0
2006-06Portland22 7544Seth NeimanPorsche 911 GT3 RSR126/1420running0
2006-06Portland22 7544Darren LawPorsche 911 GT3 RSR126/1420running0
2006-07Elkhart Lake23 41044Lonnie PechnikPorsche 911 GT3 RSR50/760mechanical0
2006-07Elkhart Lake23 41044Seth NeimanPorsche 911 GT3 RSR50/760mechanical0
2006-08Bowmanville22 6744Seth NeimanPorsche 911 GT3 RSR112/1330running0
2006-08Bowmanville22 6744Lonnie PechnikPorsche 911 GT3 RSR112/1330running0
2006-09Road Atlanta28 7744Lonnie PechnikPorsche 911 GT3 RSR343/3940running0
2006-09Road Atlanta28 7744Darren LawPorsche 911 GT3 RSR343/3940running0
2006-09Road Atlanta28 7744Seth NeimanPorsche 911 GT3 RSR343/3940running0
2006-10Laguna Seca27 7444Seth NeimanPorsche 911 GT3 RSR147/1590running0
2006-10Laguna Seca27 7444Darren LawPorsche 911 GT3 RSR147/1590running0