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Car number 25 in 2016

Weathertech SportsCar Championship Results

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2016-01Daytona (Road)54 7525Bill AuberlenBMW M6 GTLM721/7360running0
2016-01Daytona (Road)54 7525Dirk WernerBMW M6 GTLM721/7360running0
2016-01Daytona (Road)54 7525Augusto FarfusBMW M6 GTLM721/7360running0
2016-01Daytona (Road)54 7525Bruno SpenglerBMW M6 GTLM721/7360running0
2016-02Sebring49 1225Bill AuberlenBMW M6 GTLM235/2380running0
2016-02Sebring49 1225Dirk WernerBMW M6 GTLM235/2380running0
2016-02Sebring49 1225Bruno SpenglerBMW M6 GTLM235/2380running0
2016-03Long Beach25 1525Bill AuberlenBMW M6 GTLM72/750running0
2016-03Long Beach25 1525Dirk WernerBMW M6 GTLM72/750running0
2016-04Laguna Seca18 7925Bill AuberlenBMW M6 GTLM78/800running0
2016-04Laguna Seca18 7925Dirk WernerBMW M6 GTLM78/800running0
2016-07Watkins Glen39 2325Bill AuberlenBMW M6 GTLM190/1970running0
2016-07Watkins Glen39 2325Dirk WernerBMW M6 GTLM190/1970running0
2016-08Bowmanville37 5425Dirk WernerBMW M6 GTLM119/1250running0
2016-08Bowmanville37 5425Bill AuberlenBMW M6 GTLM119/1250running0
2016-09Lime Rock31 2725Bill AuberlenBMW M6 GTLM89/1690crash0
2016-09Lime Rock31 2725Dirk WernerBMW M6 GTLM89/1690crash0
2016-10Elkhart Lake41 9825Dirk WernerBMW M6 GTLM69/730running0
2016-10Elkhart Lake41 9825Bill AuberlenBMW M6 GTLM69/730running0
2016-11VIR21 6525Bill AuberlenBMW M6 GTLM90/900running0
2016-11VIR21 6525Dirk WernerBMW M6 GTLM90/900running0
2016-12Austin39 7425Bill AuberlenBMW M6 GTLM73/750running0
2016-12Austin39 7425Dirk WernerBMW M6 GTLM73/750running0
2016-13Road Atlanta38 9925Bill AuberlenBMW M6 GTLM317/4120dnf0
2016-13Road Atlanta38 9925Dirk WernerBMW M6 GTLM317/4120dnf0
2016-13Road Atlanta38 9925Augusto FarfusBMW M6 GTLM317/4120dnf0