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Car number 23 in 2023

Weathertech SportsCar Championship Results

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2023-01Daytona (Road)61 2823Alex RiberasAston Martin Vantage GT3716/7830running
2023-01Daytona (Road)61 2823David PittardAston Martin Vantage GT3716/7830running
2023-01Daytona (Road)61 2823Ross GunnAston Martin Vantage GT3716/7830running
2023-02Sebring53 3823Ross GunnAston Martin Vantage GT3297/3220running
2023-02Sebring53 3823Alex RiberasAston Martin Vantage GT3297/3220running
2023-02Sebring53 3823David PittardAston Martin Vantage GT3297/3220running
2023-03Long Beach28101023Ross GunnAston Martin Vantage GT373/780running
2023-03Long Beach28101023Alex RiberasAston Martin Vantage GT373/780running
2023-04Laguna Seca27 2523Ross GunnAston Martin Vantage GT395/1020running
2023-04Laguna Seca27 2523Alex RiberasAston Martin Vantage GT395/1020running
2023-05Watkins Glen57 9623Ross GunnAston Martin Vantage GT3183/2010running
2023-05Watkins Glen57 9623Alex RiberasAston Martin Vantage GT3183/2010running
2023-06Bowmanville34 3523Ross GunnAston Martin Vantage GT358/1200not running
2023-06Bowmanville34 3523Alex RiberasAston Martin Vantage GT358/1200not running
2023-07Lime Rock20 1123Ross GunnAston Martin Vantage GT3168/1680running146
2023-07Lime Rock20 1123Alex RiberasAston Martin Vantage GT3168/1680running
2023-08Elkhart Lake45 1123Ross GunnAston Martin Vantage GT373/800running
2023-08Elkhart Lake45 1123Alex RiberasAston Martin Vantage GT373/800
2023-09VIR19 5423Ross GunnAston Martin Vantage GT381/810running
2023-09VIR19 5423Alex RiberasAston Martin Vantage GT381/810running
2023-10Indianapolis G.P.48 4223Ross GunnAston Martin Vantage GT3104/1130running
2023-10Indianapolis G.P.48 4223Alex RiberasAston Martin Vantage GT3104/1130running
2023-11Road Atlanta52 6423Ross GunnAston Martin Vantage GT3370/3700running
2023-11Road Atlanta52 6423Alex RiberasAston Martin Vantage GT3370/3700running
2023-11Road Atlanta52 6423David PittardAston Martin Vantage GT3370/3700running