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Car number 17 in 1981

NASCAR North Tour Results

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1981-06Val Belair22111017Kevin LepageFutura100/100350running0
1981-06Val Belair22 62117Bob BrunellNova44/1000engine0
1981-12Catamount24 81217Kevin LepageFutura98/1000running0
1981-13Sanair30 81817Kevin LepageFutura180/300415crash0
1981-17Mont Laurier19 4717Kevin LepageFutura98/100400running3
1981-21Thompson42 73217Kevin LepageFutura30/1000engine0
1981-23Val Belair18 6617Kevin LepageFutura99/100540running8
1981-24Catamount25 31917Bob BrunellNova67/1000fuel pump0
1981-26Oxford37142017Kevin LepageFutura95/1380rear end0