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Car number 16 in 2023

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Results

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2023-01New Smyrna35 3116Ron Silk 200/2000running33
2023-02Richmond29 9716Ron Silk 150/1500running6
2023-03Monadnock30 2316Ron Silk 200/2000running0
2023-04Riverhead28 2216Ron Silk 212/2120running164
2023-05Lee21 9516Ron Silk 175/1750running0
2023-06Seekonk20 7316Ron Silk 150/1500running0
2023-07Riverhead23 2116Ron Silk 200/2000running137
2023-08Wall2311116Ron Silk 150/1500running47
2023-09Loudon30 4316Ron Silk 100/1000running9
2023-10Lancaster20 9316Ron Silk 150/1500running0
2023-11Thompson23 3216Ron Silk 150/1500running0
2023-12Hampton15 3416Ron Silk 150/1500running0
2023-13Oswego18 8116Ron Silk 152/1520running67
2023-14Monadnock19 61216Ron Silk 148/1500running0
2023-15Riverhead18 2316Ron Silk 256/2560running139
2023-16North Wilkesboro3812216Ron Silk 155/1550running0
2023-17Thompson25 2116Ron Silk 150/1500running42
2023-18Martinsville36 8616Ron Silk 200/2000running0