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Jack Smith

2020 Virgin Australia Supercars Results

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1Adelaide2422204SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden76/780running0
2Adelaide2424184SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden76/780running0
3Sydney2423234SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden31/320running0
4Sydney2424234SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden32/320running0
5Sydney2423184SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden32/320running0
6Sydney2423234SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden32/320running0
7Sydney2413104SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden32/320running0
8Sydney2415214SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden32/320running0
9Darwin2424124SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden34/340running1
10Darwin2424244SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden37/380running0
11Darwin2420154SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden38/380running0
12Darwin2424204SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden38/380running0
13Darwin2424194SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden38/380running0
14Darwin2424234SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden38/380running0
15Townsville2421164SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden39/390running0
16Townsville2422234SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden39/390running0
17Townsville2423224SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden39/390running0
18Townsville2422224SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden31/390running0
19Townsville2421224SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden39/390running0
20Townsville2423214SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden39/390running0
21Tailem Bend2420234SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden24/240running0
22Tailem Bend2423214SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden24/240running0
23Tailem Bend2420224SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden23/240running0
24Tailem Bend2422214SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden31/310running0
25Tailem Bend2322174SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden32/320running0
26Tailem Bend2319224SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden32/320running0
27Bathurst2522214SCT Motor Sports   (Brad Jones)Holden149/1610tyre0
27 starts, 1107 of 1134 laps completed (97.6%), 1 lap led
Win: 0 ( 0.0%)Average start:21.7Total Winnings:$0
Podium: 0 ( 0.0%)Average finish:20.1(excluding bonuses)