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Scott McLaughlin

2019 Virgin Australia Supercars Results

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1Adelaide23 3117Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford78/780running74
2Adelaide24 1117Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford71/710running39
3Melbourne24 1117Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford25/250running22
4Melbourne24 1117Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford13/130running13
5Melbourne24 12217Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford0/250did not start0
6Melbourne24 2117Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford11/110running11
7Launceston25 2117Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford50/500running41
8Launceston25 5417Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford84/840running0
9Phillip Island24 1117Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford27/270running19
10Phillip Island24 1217Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford45/450running4
11Wanneroo25 1217Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford50/500running0
12Wanneroo25 1117Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford83/830running31
13Winton25 5117Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford40/400running13
14Winton25 1117Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford67/670running64
15Darwin25 1117Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford42/420running29
16Darwin25 1117Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford70/700running53
17Townsville24 3117Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford70/700running25
18Townsville24 21117Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford64/640running0
19Ipswich24 1417Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford39/390running0
20Ipswich24 1117Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford65/650running50
21Tailem Bend26 2117Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford24/240running14
22Tailem Bend26 1117Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford41/410running13
23Pukekohe24 6417Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford70/700running0
24Pukekohe24 5117Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford70/700running38
25Bathurst26 1117Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford161/1610running58
26Queensland24 1317Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford102/1020running0
29Melbourne25 6517Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford20/200running0
30Melbourne2525917Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford161/1610running0
31Newcastle24 2217Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford95/950running14
32Newcastle24 4417Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford93/930running3
  DNQs, WDs or driver changes (DC)
27QueenslandWD17Shell V-Power   (DJR Team Penske)Ford    
29 starts, 1831 of 1856 laps completed (98.7%), 628 laps led
Win:18 ( 62.1%)Average start: 3.0Total Winnings:$0
Podium:22 ( 75.9%)Average finish: 2.3(excluding bonuses)