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Neil Crompton

1999 Shell Championship Series Results

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1Sydney4014356Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford10/130puncture0
2Sydney3934346Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford8/130spun off0
3Sydney3833166Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford9/90running0
4Adelaide40 6136Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford154/1560running0
5Wanneroo31 656Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford20/200running0
6Wanneroo31 556Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford20/200running0
7Wanneroo31 5266Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford18/200crash0
8Phillip Island3711306Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford13/140crash0
9Phillip Island3328226Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford12/120running0
10Phillip Island3322246Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford12/120running0
11Darwin33 866Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford17/180running0
12Darwin32 6246Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford17/180running0
13Darwin3124306Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford0/180crash0
14Melbourne36 6356Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford1/160crash0
15Melbourne3634196Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford20/200running0
16Melbourne3619156Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford16/160running0
17Ipswich40 886Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford20/200running0
18Ipswich40 886Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford15/150running0
19Ipswich36 836Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford17/170running0
20Melbourne32 566Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford21/210running0
21Melbourne35 6346Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford0/170did not start0
23Launceston30 436Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford24/240running0
24Launceston30 336Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford25/220running0
25Launceston27 3256Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford4/230spun off0
26Winton3617256Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford15/150running0
27Winton3625146Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford15/150running0
28Winton361496Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford15/150running0
29Oran Park321286Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford19/190running0
30Oran Park32 8196Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford20/200running0
31Oran Park3119266Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford21/220running0
32Ipswich421245Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford161/1610running0
33Bathurst55 755Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford161/1610running0
  DNQs, WDs or driver changes (DC)
22MelbourneWD6Ford / Ford Credit   (Glenn Seton)Ford    
31 starts, 900 of 982 laps completed (91.6%), 0 laps led
Win: 0 ( 0.0%)Average start:13.4Total Winnings:$0
Podium: 3 ( 9.7%)Average finish:15.8(excluding bonuses)