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Don Thomson, Jr.

Crew chief stats

Born: Aug 24, 1962
Home: Ayr, Ontario



Pinty's Series Crew Chief Statistics

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Pinty's Series

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2012J.R. Fitzpatrick 12291041984781022.44.9111,113.910
2013J.R. Fitzpatrick 1206731923467063.810.69987.18
2014J.R. Fitzpatrick 11361122160377025.54.7111,033.010
2015Cayden Lapcevich 40120823450148.010.53319.41
2015Jeff Lapcevich 3023013290217.05.03314.23
2016Kevin Lacroix 1225822031130047.08.2101,002.07
2017Kevin Lacroix 13491242073594023.24.9121,108.510
2018Kevin Lacroix 1326931894789054.27.7111,101.08
2019Kevin Lacroix 132101222048581023.44.1131,174.612
2021Kevin Lacroix 101661778110065.89.66574.26
9 years103166080211584638830 4.66.9898,727.975