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Joey Sonntag

Crew chief stats

Born: Oct 26, 1957
Home: Little Elm, TX



Camping World Truck Series Crew Chief Statistics

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Camping World Truck Series

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1999Jeff Spraker 100003305,5405329.029.0014.40
1999David Starr 19000029788125,9712223.124.3112,544.81
1999B.A. Wilson 100009006,5653230.028.00180.00
2000B.A. Wilson 210020291621188,3402121.321.0142,931.24
2001Frog Hall 100006508,5407832.028.0097.50
2001Lance Hooper 11001015930103,2701922.621.271,698.20
2001Frank Kimmel 1000015709,2409717.018.01196.30
2001Sammy Ragan 100005406,8158333.034.0037.00
2001Loni Richardson 100001905,8155735.033.0019.00
2001Jason Small 30000426022,3205325.028.72379.50
2002Frog Hall 50000209042,7004932.829.81325.00
2002Loni Richardson 60000495041,7454234.532.72511.80
2009Dexter Bean 100007709,4055836.025.0096.30
2009Lance Hooper 20000193018,1104828.528.01289.50
2009J.J. Yeley 40000370043,8954223.023.30484.80
2010Chris Fontaine 100002508,5454022.029.0037.50
2011Tim Andrews 1000016809,375 31.021.01252.01
2011Clay Greenfield 100004406,5405529.030.0058.70
2011Brian Johnson, Jr. 1000017808,1256021.027.0194.90
2011Brent Raymer 100004007,7755325.026.0060.00
2011J.J. Yeley 1000042010,550 31.032.0063.00
7 years8400301017229689,181 25.024.74110,371.26