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Howie Scannell, Jr.

Crew chief stats

Born: Jan 13, 1966
Home: Milton, Ontario



Pinty's Series Crew Chief Statistics

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Pinty's Series

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2014Matthew Scannell 700301199001219.916.76610.02
2015Matthew Scannell 11000019381701111.314.59922.83
2016David Michaud 10010299001915.09.0174.80
2016Matthew Scannell 30010355002713.715.72215.51
2017Robin Buck 1000053002113.014.0181.10
2017Matthew Scannell 3000060002310.717.71129.10
2020Brett Taylor 6025070510065.57.35294.64
2021Larry Jackson 50040661001014.89.25287.94
2021Matthew Scannell 200208100237.58.02199.22
6 years39021605351270 12.513.0322,814.816