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Al Lebert

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Home: Stoney Point, Ontario



Pinty's Series Crew Chief Statistics

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Pinty's Series

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2011Pierre Bourque 30000687002816.715.02278.20
2012Dave Connelly 40000507002521.821.32217.50
2012Trevor Seibert 30110478002610.712.32268.71
2013Daniel Bois 10000255004125.014.0195.60
2013Trevor Seibert 1001501419601317.915.26801.53
2014Ian Admiraal 10000230003817.018.0057.50
2014Noel Dowler 1000024800721.016.0193.00
2015Charles Harvey 1000047004424.014.0171.90
2015Jamie Krzysik 20000521003114.014.01149.40
2015Ryley Seibert 1000046005121.021.00113.10
2015Trevor Seibert 2000068003814.521.51157.90
2016Ryley Seibert 10000225004810.014.0056.30
2016Trevor Seibert 10010296004616.010.0198.60
2016Mel Shaw 1000030005525.024.0073.80
2017Robin Buck 1000025002125.024.0061.50
2017Carl Gauthier 100001004920.025.002.50
2017Charles Harvey 1000063003714.016.0025.20
2017Trevor Seibert 1000035004118.011.0161.41
7 years360270518160 17.816.6192,683.55