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Julian Buesink

Crew chief stats

Born: Sep 04, 1921     Died: Sep 23, 1998
Home: Findlay Park, NY



NASCAR Cup Series Crew Chief Statistics

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NASCAR Cup Series

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1949Lloyd Moore 10010186015026 6.0093.00
1949Bill Rexford 3022037006251223.07.33273.50
1950George Hartley 8002037108752122.513.61463.80
1950Jim Paschal 10000307002440.053.00383.80
1950Bill Rexford 15141001242804,650120.010.761,086.41
1951Bill Rexford 700109603257220.215.9072.00
1952Lloyd Moore 80240149101,9252012.912.851,222.90
1952Jim Paschal 6004058205151817.312.02338.10
1952Bill Rexford 200103140125 18.012.02157.00
1953Bill Rexford 201201730350 24.07.52173.00
5 years53192705132809,540 18.712.7214,263.41