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Races in 1960

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DateRace NameLocationSeries
02-01-1960Australian Touring Car ChampionshipGnoo Blas CircuitAustralian Touring Car Championship
02-07-1960Grand Prix of ArgentinaAutodromo Oscar Alfredo GalvezFormula One
02-12-1960Daytona 500 Qualifier #1Daytona International SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
02-12-1960Daytona 500 Qualifier #2Daytona International SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
02-13-1960Daytona 500 Consolation RaceDaytona International SpeedwayExhibition / Unclassified
02-14-1960Daytona 500Daytona International SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
02-28-19601960-06Southern States FairgroundsNASCAR Grand National
03-27-1960Gwyn Staley 160North Wilkesboro SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
04-03-1960Copper Cup 100Arizona State FairgroundsNASCAR Grand National
04-05-19601960-09Columbia SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
04-10-1960Trenton 100Trenton SpeedwayUSAC Champ Car Series
04-10-1960Virginia 500Martinsville SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
04-15-1960Hickory 250Hickory SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
04-17-19601960-12Wilson SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
04-18-19601960-13Bowman Gray StadiumNASCAR Grand National
04-23-1960Greenville 200Greenville-Pickens SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
04-24-19601960-15Asheville-Weaverville SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
05-14-1960Rebel 300Darlington RacewayNASCAR Grand National
05-28-19601960-17Piedmont Interstate FairgroundsNASCAR Grand National
05-29-1960Grand Prix of MonacoCircuit de MonacoFormula One
05-29-19601960-18Orange SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
05-30-1960Indianapolis 500Indianapolis Motor SpeedwayFormula One
05-30-1960Indianapolis 500Indianapolis Motor SpeedwayUSAC Champ Car Series
06-05-1960Rex Mays ClassicMilwaukee MileUSAC Champ Car Series
06-05-1960Richmond 200Atlantic Rural FairgroundsNASCAR Grand National
06-06-1960Grand Prix of the NetherlandsCircuit Park ZandvoortFormula One
06-12-1960California 250Marchbanks SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
06-19-1960Grand Prix of BelgiumCircuit de Spa FrancorchampsFormula One
06-19-1960Langhorne 100Langhorne SpeedwayUSAC Champ Car Series
06-19-1960World 600Charlotte Motor SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
06-25-1960International 200Bowman Gray StadiumNASCAR Grand National
06-26-196024 Hours of Le MansCircuit de la SartheExhibition / Unclassified
07-03-1960Grand Prix of FranceCircuit de ReimsFormula One
07-04-1960Firecracker 250Daytona International SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
07-10-19601960-24Heidelberg RacewayNASCAR Grand National
07-16-1960British Grand PrixSilverstone CircuitFormula One
07-17-1960Empire State 200Montgomery Air BaseNASCAR Grand National
07-23-19601960-26Rambi RacewayNASCAR Grand National
07-31-1960Dixie 300Atlanta International RacewayNASCAR Grand National
08-03-19601960-28Dixie SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
08-07-1960Nashville 400Nashville SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
08-14-1960Grand Prix of PortugalOporto CircuitFormula One
08-14-1960Western North Carolina 500Asheville-Weaverville SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
08-16-19601960-31Piedmont Interstate FairgroundsNASCAR Grand National
08-18-1960Capital City 300Columbia SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
08-20-1960Springfield 100Illinois State FairgroundsUSAC Champ Car Series
08-20-19601960-33South Boston SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
08-23-19601960-34Bowman Gray StadiumNASCAR Grand National
08-28-1960Milwaukee 200Milwaukee MileUSAC Champ Car Series
09-04-1960Grand Prix of ItalyAutodromo Nazionale di MonzaFormula One
09-05-1960Ted Horn MemorialDuQuoin State FairgroundsUSAC Champ Car Series
09-05-1960Southern 500Darlington RacewayNASCAR Grand National
09-09-1960Buddy Shuman 250Hickory SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
09-10-1960Syracuse 100New York State FairgroundsUSAC Champ Car Series
09-11-19601960-37California State FairgroundsNASCAR Grand National
09-15-19601960-38Gamecock SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
09-17-1960Hoosier HundredIndiana State FairgroundsUSAC Champ Car Series
09-18-19601960-39Orange SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
09-25-1960Trenton 100Trenton SpeedwayUSAC Champ Car Series
09-25-1960Old Dominion 500Martinsville SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
10-02-1960Wilkes 320North Wilkesboro SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
10-16-1960National 400Charlotte Motor SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
10-23-1960Capital City 200Atlantic Rural FairgroundsNASCAR Grand National
10-30-1960Golden State 100California State FairgroundsUSAC Champ Car Series
10-30-1960Atlanta 500Atlanta International RacewayNASCAR Grand National
11-06-19601961-01Charlotte FairgroundsNASCAR Grand National
11-20-1960United States Grand PrixRiverside International RacewayFormula One
11-20-1960Bobby Ball MemorialArizona State FairgroundsUSAC Champ Car Series
11-20-19601961-02Speedway ParkNASCAR Grand National

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