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Races in 1950

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DateRace NameLocationSeries
02-05-19501950-01Beach & Road CourseNASCAR Grand National
04-02-19501950-02Charlotte SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
04-16-19501950-03Langhorne SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
05-13-1950British Grand PrixSilverstone CircuitFormula One
05-21-1950Grand Prix of MonacoCircuit de MonacoFormula One
05-21-19501950-04Martinsville SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
05-30-1950Indianapolis 500Indianapolis Motor SpeedwayFormula One
05-30-1950Indianapolis 500Indianapolis Motor SpeedwayAAA Champ Car Series
05-30-1950Poor Man's 500Canfield SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
06-04-1950Grand Prix of SwitzerlandBremgarten CircuitFormula One
06-11-1950Rex Mays ClassicMilwaukee MileAAA Champ Car Series
06-18-1950Grand Prix of BelgiumCircuit de Spa FrancorchampsFormula One
06-18-19501950-06Vernon FairgroundsNASCAR Grand National
06-25-1950Langhorne 100Langhorne SpeedwayAAA Champ Car Series
06-25-19501950-07Dayton SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
07-02-1950Grand Prix of FranceCircuit de ReimsFormula One
07-02-19501950-08Monroe County FairgroundsNASCAR Grand National
07-23-19501950-09Charlotte SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
08-13-19501950-10Occoneechee SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
08-19-1950Springfield 100Illinois State FairgroundsAAA Champ Car Series
08-20-19501950-11Dayton SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
08-27-1950Milwaukee 200Milwaukee MileAAA Champ Car Series
08-27-19501950-12Hamburg SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
09-03-1950Grand Prix of ItalyAutodromo Nazionale di MonzaFormula One
09-04-1950Pikes Peak Hill ClimbPikes PeakAAA Champ Car Series
09-04-1950Southern 500Darlington RacewayNASCAR Grand National
09-09-1950Syracuse 100New York State FairgroundsAAA Champ Car Series
09-10-1950Detroit 100Michigan State FairgroundsAAA Champ Car Series
09-17-19501950-14Langhorne SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
09-24-1950Wilkes 200North Wilkesboro SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
10-01-1950Springfield 100Illinois State FairgroundsAAA Champ Car Series
10-01-19501950-16Vernon FairgroundsNASCAR Grand National
10-15-1950Golden State 100California State FairgroundsAAA Champ Car Series
10-15-19501950-17Martinsville SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
10-15-19501950-18Winchester SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
10-29-19501950-19Occoneechee SpeedwayNASCAR Grand National
11-12-1950Phoenix 100Arizona State FairgroundsAAA Champ Car Series
11-26-1950Bay Meadows 150Bay Meadows SpeedwayAAA Champ Car Series
12-10-1950Darlington 200Darlington RacewayAAA Champ Car Series

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