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Adelaide Grand Prix Circuit

Adelaide, Australia


Formula One Series Race Recaps

Click on the race number to see the results of that race.

View Formula One Series driver stats at this track

Race Date Cars Winner(s) St Chassis / Engine Len Sfc Km Pole Speed LC
1985-1611/03/8525Keke Rosberg 3Williams FW10 / Honda RA163E3.780S31079.843154.1147
1986-1610/26/8626Alain Prost 4McLaren MP4-2C / TAG Porsche P013.780S31078.403162.6524
1987-1611/15/8726Gerhard Berger 1Ferrari F1-87 / Ferrari 033D3.780S31077.267164.6740
1988-1611/13/8826Alain Prost 2McLaren MP4-4 / Honda RA168E3.780S31077.748164.2253
1989-1611/05/8926Thierry Boutsen 5Williams FW13 / Renault RS13.780S26576.665131.9811
1990-1611/04/9026Nelson Piquet 7Benetton B190 / Ford HBA43.780S30675.671167.3991
1991-1611/03/9126Ayrton Senna 1McLaren MP4-6 / Honda RA121E3.780S5374.041129.1700
1992-1611/08/9226Gerhard Berger 4McLaren MP4-7A / Honda RA122E/B3.780S30673.732171.8292
1993-1611/07/9324Ayrton Senna 1McLaren MP4-8 / Ford HBE73.780S29973.371173.1832
1994-1611/13/9426Nigel Mansell 1Williams FW16 / Renault RS63.780S30676.179170.3244
1995-1711/12/9524Damon Hill 1Williams FW17 / Renault RS73.780S30675.505168.1303

11 races

American Le Mans Series Race Recaps

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View American Le Mans Series driver stats at this track

Race Date Cars Winner(s) Class St Make / Model Len Sfc Miles Pole Cau Laps Speed LC
2000-1212/31/0025Rinaldo Capello
Allan McNish
LMP 1Audi R82.349S529100.950  91.9934

1 race

V8 Supercars Race Recaps

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View V8 Supercars driver stats at this track

Race Date Cars Winner(s) St Make / Model Len Sfc Km Purse Pole Cau Laps Speed LC
1999-0404/10/9940Craig Lowndes 3Holden3.219S502085.237519.00013
2000-0604/08/0040Craig Lowndes 4Holden3.219S251086.032313116.0355
2000-0704/09/0038Mark Skaife38Holden3.219S2510 18110.6486
2001-0304/07/0140Craig Lowndes 8Ford3.219S251085.920210122.6607
2001-0404/08/0138Jason Bright 7Holden3.219S2510 516119.0182
2002-0103/16/0236Mark Skaife 1Holden3.219S251082.770212119.9867
2002-0203/17/0234Mark Skaife 1Holden3.219S2510 313120.4565
2003-0103/22/0334Marcos Ambrose 3Ford3.219S251083.37313130.8688
2003-0203/23/0334Mark Skaife 2Holden3.219S2510 514116.0276
2004-0103/20/0431Marcos Ambrose 3Ford3.219S251082.46727128.0544
2004-0203/21/0428Marcos Ambrose 1Ford3.219S2510 310124.9963
2005-0103/19/0534Marcos Ambrose 2Ford3.219S251082.944416118.6773
2005-0203/20/0533Marcos Ambrose 1Ford3.219S2510 39126.3993
2006-0103/25/0631Craig Lowndes 7Ford3.219S251081.610316121.1907
2006-0203/26/0630Jamie Whincup 3Ford3.219S2510 413124.0187
2007-0103/03/0731Todd Kelly 7Holden3.219S251082.35800136.1179
2007-0203/04/0731Rick Kelly 4Holden3.219S2510 39126.6994
2008-0102/23/0828Jamie Whincup 1Ford3.219S251082.33011134.9635
2008-0202/24/0828Jamie Whincup 1Ford3.219S2510 713114.3368
2009-0103/21/0930Jamie Whincup 1Ford3.219S251081.81237126.4805
2009-0203/22/0930Jamie Whincup 1Ford3.219S2510 39124.8547
2010-0503/13/1028Garth Tander 2Holden3.220S251081.55949126.5197
2010-0603/14/1028Garth Tander 1Holden3.220S251080.95615127.67411
2011-0303/19/1128Garth Tander 1Holden3.220S245082.383414114.4108
2011-0403/20/1127Jamie Whincup 2Holden3.220S248081.29838115.4005
2012-0103/03/1228Jamie Whincup 5Holden3.219S251081.72423129.2339
2012-0203/04/1226Will Davison 6Ford3.219S251080.53500138.8179
2013-0103/02/1328Craig Lowndes 3Holden3.780S2950 00161.3773
2013-0203/03/1328Shane van Gisbergen 1Holden3.780S2950 12158.1298
2014-0103/01/1425Jamie Whincup 1Holden3.219S126080.58500139.5974
2014-0203/01/1425Craig Lowndes 1Holden3.219S126080.41612133.9930
2014-0303/02/1425James Courtney15Holden3.219S245080.654310124.5195
2015-0102/28/1525Jamie Whincup 1Holden3.219S106080.09012131.4715
2015-0202/28/1525Fabian Coulthard4Holden3.219S126080.03214127.4643
2015-0303/01/1525James Courtney 1Holden3.219S251080.54026129.8607

35 races