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That Brit From Over There writes:
"No Really, Where Exactly Did He Come From?"
Posted by Riverside on May 30, 2011
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I?ll put my main thought on the table right now: I have never seen a greater weekend of racing in my life.

I?ll skim over the F1, because, let?s face it, it was the least entertaining race of the weekend. Don?t get me wrong, it was an action-packed race, but we were certainly denied the grandstand finish that the Indycar and NASCAR provided.

So Vettel wins again. Does this remind you of anyone? 2004, maybe? We are all saying how great the rule changes are, how much it mixes up the races, yet we are still left with a German who can?t help but win race after race. History is certainly repeating itself and while we could say that this is the greatest season ever (like we have done for the past four or five years), the standings tell a different story.

But, to bigger things. You could imagine my disappointment with the F1 finish, but I almost choked on my pizza when J.R. Hilderbrand smashed into the barrier on the final turn on the final race. You couldn?t have made it up yourself. That a former champion, who, at his first race of the year, at the biggest race of the decade, wins after a rookie hit?s the wall on the last corner of the entire race. Fairytale stuff right there.

It was heartbreaking though, I found myself shouting at the TV, hoping that J.R. had enough momentum to roll over the yard of bricks and make history, but it wasn?t to be. And it?s that kind of result that can kill you inside. Most racing buffs would have seen that accident coming, ?cause we saw it all day: if you get into those marbles on the outside, it?s only going to end on way. That 2nd place will live in the memory for a long time and I hope, for his sake, he doesn?t dwell on it.

Now picture this: I started watching Monaco at about 12:30pm GMT, Indy 500 for ended at 8:30pm GMT, and I still had one race to go: Coca-Cola 600 at 11pm GMT. By this time, I was about ready for bed. But NASCAR wasn?t going to give be a so-so race I could dip in and out of in my tired state.

I must admit, I never thought we could have so many alternate pit strategies that would ultimately accumulate into that dreaded scenario: fuel-saving mode. Teams may hate it, but the fans sure do love it, and I certainly wasn?t the only one shouting at my TV (for the second time that night) when Dale Jr. took the white flag. But for the second time this season, Junebug is denied his first win in three years and I?m left in awe of ?Mr Wheredidhecomefrom? to become the first three-time winner this year. Harvick has led an eighth of the laps that Kyle Busch (852) has this year, yet has come off with more wins. Incredible.

But here?s a talking point. On that green-white-checkered, there were two wrecks, yet no caution flag at all. I just want to know what you Americans believe happened. Did NASCAR not throw the caution because they thought it was safe to keep racing, or because they wanted to fix it so Junior would win? I am just curious as all.

So my night ended at 4:30am GMT. That's 14 hours of racing. Time for some much needed beauty sleep.

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