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The CalZone Toppings writes:
"10th Place 2 years after curse"
Posted by CalZone on May 24, 2011
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This is my first blog here on Racing-reference.info. This blog will be thought-provoking and cutting edge. In this blog, I will analyze many situations in NASCAR past and present. And my first entry is about an odd trend I discovered a couple years ago. 10th position has always been an important position in NASCAR because it is the last spot in the Top. But finishing 10th im points has many times been a curse 2 years later for a driver. Weird thngs happened to the driver who finished 10th in points 2 years later many times in the 1990's and 2000's.. The curse seems to have been in effect starting around 1994. Here is the 10th Place drivers from 1994-2008.

1994: Bill Elliott
1995: Bobby Labonte
1996: Ernie Irvan
1997: Ken Schrader
1998: Bobby Hamilton
1999: Mike Skinner
2000: Ward Burton
2001: Jeff Burton
2002: Ricky Rudd
2003: Terry Labonte
2004: Jeremy Mayfield
2005: Kurt Busch
2006: Kyle Busch
2007: Kevin Harvick
2008: Kyle Busch

OK now that you've seen who finished 10th in each of these years, now its time to show the weirdness of this. Here is the points finish of these guys 2 years later.

Elliott- 30th
B. Labonte- 7th
W. Burton- 25th
J.Burton- 12th
T. Labonte-40th
Ku. Busch-7th
Kyle Busch-10th
Kyle Busch-8th

The average points finish of these men 2 years later- 21st. Yikes. And here is the thing- weird things seemed to happen to these guys. Check this out.

Injuries- Elliott, Irvan, Skinner
Sponsor loss- J. Burton
Ride Change- Hamilton,Schrader, Skinner, Mayfield
No Top 5's- Eliott, Irvan, Schrader, Hamilton, Skinner, Mayfield
Epic Chase collapse- Kyle Busch
Part-Time- T. Labonte

The evidence seems to point to somewhat of a "curse" of 10th place in NASCAR. Not only do some drivers even run remotely competitive 2 years later a lot of the better points situation had a catch to them.

Schrader- Despite finishing 15th, leaves Andy Petree and goes to MB2
Jeff Burton- loses sponso Citgo
Kyle Busch- Collapses in the Chase in 2008 after leading the points most of the regular season and having 8 wins in the first 22 races. Finishes 10th again.

And did you notice that the drivers who finished better than 10th 2 years later never rose above 7th? And that they had a brother on the track also?

Bobby Labonte- 10th in 95, 7th in 97
Kurt Busch- 10th in 05, 7th in 07
Kyle Busch- 10th in 06, 10th in 08, 8th in 2010

All these weird things and coincidences shocked me as I uncovered this trend in Early 2009 through research. I also noticed that Harvick, that season's victim, was running well until I started talking about the curse. I almost blame myself for Kevin's bad season! But this weird trend is the strangest thing I have ever noticed. And through long research, I found that no driver in the 60+ year history of Cup has won the Championship before. It is a weird trend which I have wanted to show for 2 years. I hope you enjoyed reading about this bizarro trend. And please tell me how to improve since this is my 1st blog after all! Cheers and look out for those Calzone toppings!

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