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The White Flag writes:
"NASCAR: Worst Cup driver(s) (statistically) with a win"
Posted by Cooper on April 12, 2011
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Last week, I was very entertained by the blog by Talon64, which led me to think on the opposite side of the coin. While their has been a lot of talented drivers to never taste the sweetness of victory there is also a lot of unusual drivers that have taken the checkered flag in their careers. Winning a race in the Cup series is a great accomplishment but to say that every winner was a good race car driver is far from the truth.

Since 1949 only 178 drivers have been to victory lane which is pretty shocking considering 2864 have taken the green flag at least once. Of those; 59 of them won once, 23 have won two, and 6 have won three. They will be included in the following statistical query. The following parameters will eliminate 60 drivers, leaving just 28 drivers up for nomination. These parameters are:
->Drivers who have won four or more races.
->Drivers who have raced less than 100 times or 15 races per season.
->Drivers with a win % of at least 1%.

These leave the following drivers sorted by Win %: In addition their All-Time NASCAR stats are also shown:
Wendell Scott .2%----1 Win, 20 Top 5?s, 147 Top 10?s, 15.1 Avg. Finish
Brett Bodine .21%----1 Win, 16 Top 5?s, 61 Top 10?s, 23.5 Avg. Finish
Lake Speed .25%----1 Win, 16 Top 5?s, 75 Top 10?s, 20.9 Avg. Finish
Dick Brooks .28%----1 Win, 57 Top 5?s, 150 Top 10?s, 17.3 Avg. Finish
Bobby Hillin Jr. .3%----1 Win, 8 Top 5?s, 43 Top 10?s, 21.0 Avg. Finish
James Hylton .33%----2 Wins, 140 Top 5?s, 301 Top 10?s, 13.5 Avg. Finish
Johnny Benson Jr. .36%----1 Win, 18 Top 5?s, 58 Top 10?s, 21.2 Avg. Finish
Casey Mears .36%----1 Win, 12 Top 5?s, 46 Top 10?s, 22.4 Avg. Finish
Elmo Langley .37%----2 Wins, 63 Top 5?s, 193 Top 10?s, 15.9 Avg. Finish
Greg Sacks .38%----1 Win, 3 Top 5?s, 20 Top 10?s, 27.1 Avg. Finish
Jimmy Spencer .42%----2 Wins, 28 Top 5?s, 80 Top 10?s, 22.5 Finish
Lennie Pond .43%----1 Win, 39 Top 5?s, 88 Top 10?s, 17.9 Avg. Finish
Phil Parsons .49%----1 Win, 10 Top 5?s, 40 Top 10?s, 20.2 Avg. Finish
Derrike Cope .49%----2 Wins, 6 Top 5?s, 32 Top 10?s, 26.3 Avg. Finish
Martin Truex Jr. .51%----1 Win, 14 Top 5?s, 45 Top 10?s, 19.7 Avg. Finish
John Andretti .51%----2 Wins, 13 Top 5?s, 37 Top 10?s, 25.2 Avg. Finish
Jerry Nadeau .56%----1 Win, 9 Top 5?s, 19 Top 10?s, 26.3 Avg. Finish
Johnny Allen .58%----1 Win, 19 Top 5?s, 61 Top 10?s, 16.1 Avg. Finish
Joe Eubanks .63%----1 Win, 37 Top 5?s, 81 Top 10?s, 14.5 Avg. Finish
Ron Bouchard .62%----1 Win, 19 Top 5?s, 60 Top 10?s, 17.2 Avg. Finish
Elliott Sadler .70%----3 Wins, 19 Top 5?s, 69 Top 10?s, 22.8 Avg. Finish
Jody Ridley .71%----1 Win, 7 Top 5?s, 56 Top 10?s, 16.6 Avg. Finish
Ricky Craven .72%----2 Wins, 17 Top 5?s, 41 Top 10?s, 24.5 Avg. Finish
Robby Gordon .8%----3 Wins, 16 Top 5?s, 39 Top 10?s, 26.0 Avg. Finish
Paul Lewis .88%----1 Win, 16 Top 5?s, 45 Top 10?s, 16.5 Avg. Finish
Brian Vickers .88%----2 Wins, 18 Top 5?s, 52 Top 10?s, 20.7 Avg. Finish
Jimmy Pardue .92%----2 Wins, 30 Top 5?s, 88 Top 10?s, 13.5 Avg. Finish
Larry Frank .97%----1 Win, 10 Top 5?s, 32 Top 10?s, 18.1 Avg. Finish

In my opinion, the worst driver to have won a race currently is Greg Sacks. His only victory came as a surprise to everyone as he drove a developmental car to a race win at Daytona. In addition he only recorded 20 Top 10?s in 263 races. His average finish is the worst of the eligible drivers at 27.1. Who do you think is the worst driver to ever take a checkered flag in the Cup series? I?d like to know.

NASCAR Decade:
10 years ago, one of the greatest races occurred. 500 miles of green flag restrictor plate racing kept fans on the edge of their seat all day long. Bobby Hamilton took the win, as the rest of the field finished four and five wide. The top 27 drivers were separated by a mere second and a half. This was the first restrictor plate race since the death of Dale Earnhardt and also the first race with the dreaded yellow line rule. 26 drivers led at least one lap in a race that averaged 184 MPH and took just 2 hours and 43 minutes to complete. Video of the finish and the results are below. Enjoy!.

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