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Splash & Go writes:
"How to Save AMA Road Racing"
Posted by Uptight Motorsports Nerd on March 23, 2011
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I admit that I am not a fan of motorcycles or two-wheeled vehicles in general, but if it has an engine and is being raced, I?ll probably watch it anyway.

First thing to change is the Daytona 200. I?m sure this is the only motorcycle race that most people watching it will pay attention to this year. Why? Because it?s Daytona! You can race cockroaches at Daytona and people will watch for the prestige of the venue. The fact that the biggest American motorcycle race is a support class race is a joke. This year?s tire fiasco ensures that this is a joke people will laugh at, not with. The Daytona 200 must be a Superbike race, even if it needs to revert to that neutered motorcycle course.

Second thing to change are Superbikes themselves. I?m sure this will be unpopular, but liter bikes are too powerful for most American tracks. It is time for maximum displacement to drop to 800cc for 4-cylinder engines and 900cc for V-twins. There are 9 Superbike events this year, that?s no way to bring racing to the masses.

Third thing to change is ownership. Daytona Motorsports Group (who am I kidding, it?s really NASCAR) took over the series under the impression that a motorcycle is a car with two wheels, and the way to improve your standing is to imitate a format that has proven successful for cars. This has proven disastrous on multiple fronts. Their attempt at sporting regulations involved leaving a pace car stopped on a track where it could be rear ended by motorcycles at speed, and their attempt at technical regulations lead to a confusing system of weight handicaps in the hopes of creating identical power-to-weight ratios.

Let?s just display some competence and get through this.

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