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Jessica's Pit Stop writes:
"Jeremy Mayfield: Where‚??s the truth?"
Posted by NASCARgirl01 on February 8, 2011
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Following Jeremy Mayfield?s interview on NASCAR Race Hub last week, I heard some racing enthusiasts discussing his appearance. They kicked around the fact that he really didn?t say anything about the status of his lawsuits. That?s true, he didn?t since it is tied up in all of the legal mess it has become, but it was still an interesting interview. So maybe it wasn?t the ?breaking news? type of thing Speed Channel built it up to be, but he did give some insight into what he?s been up to away from the track, and the conversation about racing with Dale Earnhardt was a nice throwback. That?s the type of thing his fans, and those who were borderline supporters (like me), found particularly fascinating. After almost two years of his name being connected to ?drugs?, ?suspended? and ?courts?, it was almost a relief to look back farther than that and remember the good things about him?like driving for Penske and the ?hey Jeremy? commercial. I really appreciated Speed?s keeping him from being forgotten and incorporating him into the show.

Although he was silent on the matter of getting back into NASCAR, it was very clear that he still thinks he is innocent. But the problem is that the powers that be in NASCAR are equally convinced that he is guilty. That casts a lot of confusion on a situation that gets stranger every time it is brought up. What is certain, though, is that somebody isn?t telling the whole truth.

On NASCAR?s side is the fact they?ve never lied before (although the handling of the Kevin Grubb?s second suspension could have been handled a lot better). Plus, they really have nothing to gain from it and had no reason to crush Jeremy Mayfield?s career. For Jeremy?s side of it, why would he fight so hard if he was guilty? If he really wanted to get back into NASCAR quickly, sure, he could have gone through the reinstatement program, but then that would imply he did something wrong. I?m pretty sure that?s something he won?t ever admit to.

In all of the reaction to this, it is very obvious no one has any clue what is going on when even Marty Smith (reporter, ultimate expert in my opinion and friend to a bunch of drivers) has no clue what to think, and even leans toward Jeremy?s being guilt-free. After seeing how he handled the TV appearance, I share the opinion that he is not entirely at fault. However, I?m almost afraid that?s because I want so desperately to believe it.

So all I want to know comes down to this one thing: Where is the truth?

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