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Spinout! writes:
"How Young is Too Young? 13 Y.O. at Indy"
Posted by Gene Haddock on August 31, 2010
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At age 13, Peter Lenz became the youngest competitor to die at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday. He fell off his motorcycle during a warmup lap and was ran over by a 12 year old boy.

The outcry from those that would protect us from ourselves has already begun, even though Peter's father has stated that Peter died doing what he loved.

Some are already saying that the parents can't be trusted with insuring their children's safety, that it is society's job.

At first glance, this looks very bad, and, certainly, it is a tragedy. But where do we draw the line? At least 22 high school football players have dies in the U.S. in the past ten years. Each one was tragic, no doubt, but where are the calls for society to police the parents and coaches of this sport?

What about the thousands of teens killing themselves on our highways each year? No uproar for them? Yet, one, well experienced racer dies, and the inquisitions begin.

What is the answer? Surely there are parents who knowingly, or unknowingly, force their sons and daughters to partake in dangerous activities. Where does society, or government, step in and say, "Enough." Or, should they ever step in where there is no clear mistreatment towards the youths?

I'm all for less government, but an investigation of the sanctioning body for this motorcycle race may well be warranted.

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