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That Brit From Over There writes:
"Shall I explain the rules?"
Posted by Riverside on July 28, 2010
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Shall I? I may have to, as the last couple of weeks have given us some dubious decisions that have made people question the rules.

Sure, we all know the clear-cut decisions when we see them, but let?s take the examples over the past weeks and see where the lines in the sand are.


The animosity between these two has been building from Talladega ?09 and all culminated once again at Gateway, where Carl turned Brad, again. And now Carl is back on probation. Again! Good read of the rules? Yes. And it?s good that BK is also on probation. We don?t want any retaliation hits from BK. And we certainly don?t want anyone breaking their necks. This tit-for-tat is not the ?have at it, boys? attitude that NASCAR had been hoping to instil into the series.



Now this is where it gets interesting? Was it a block? Helio obviously didn?t seem to think so. The commentators were dubious; they thought Will Power was going to make a brilliant overtaking manoeuvre. Mike Conway (who was in the studio co-presenting on Sky Sports in the UK) thought there was nothing wrong with move and was, like me, in utter disbelief. Scott Dixon himself was quite confused at what was going on (but seemed happy to accept the ?win?).

Though Barnhart had explained the ruling, and upon replay, can be logically explained, can we really expect that what Helio did have any sort of unfair play? Johnny Mowlem (racing driver, also on Sky Sports, who was also livid) explained that had Helio not turned, he?d have never made the turn, and probably would?ve taken Power and Dixon with him.

Though we can argue can about it all day, it seems to be set in stone now. But I do know the good ruling. Whatever punishment Helio gets for loosing his cool (putting it very lightly) will be apt, for a nic natured guy, he has a temper and harassing officials is no way to vent the rage.

RULING: Dubious


I already made a blog post on this, so I won?t go into detail. All I?ll say is that Rule 39.1 of the FIA Sporting Regulations clearly states: ?Team orders which interfere with a race result are prohibited.? I?m sure you can tell what is a team order.

The punishment handed down by said sporting regulator seems to be unjust. At least that?s what the public backlash has said. Mainly from reaction from the fans, Ferrari have been referred to World Motor Sport Council. The way Ferrari have handled this entire situation has been bad, but had the FIA had the scruples to demote Ferrari in the first place, and sort from the moment it happened, we wouldn?t have all this debacle, making a mockery of the sport.


Three great examples of rule breaches in less than a month. If I were any team owner, I?d make sure I know the rules, instead of bring their respective series into disrepute.

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