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No Hub Cap writes:
Posted by PaulD on March 11, 2010
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By Paul Denton

Please excuse me I'm far from being professional .I thought I would just write for my first time some of my thoughts so everyone will get where i stand.Here goes:

Talk about Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski has and will take up this off week and will for awhile after ,Just like the Taladega wreck did .Being a off week I thought it would be enlightening to bring up these better subjects.

To be done with the Carl and Brad soap opera. Brad needs to slow down and get his attitude in check he cant go on much longer with the I'm doing it my way it's the only way attitude .As Jeff Burton noted he will pay ,for not learning ,down the road .Respect is aquried through deeds as is experience.Carl dont do that again especially with a driver inexperience in handling a car.

The top 35

This is a joke! get a driver say with no real experience throw some points at him and put him on the track ,it's a disaster waitng to happened ,first timers are known for slower speeds which puts them in the way ,seven miles an hour is alot when teams around you are going 180 mph.Make it mandatory points cant be swaped to new drivers or teams even paritally owned by the holder.Also taking advantage of points to get in and knocking out a faster car just not right friends.

Top 35 Again

Get rid of it it's like the electoral congress SOOO outdated. what makes it so guaranteed you will be as good as last year. If its totally impossible to do qualifing use the last years results from that same track.
You go to the track you put your car out there you run your best speed you qualify with that speed be you a Jimmie Johnson,Kurt Busch,Dale Junior,Scott Speed,or whoever if you cant hold the speed you're out .
Qulaifying is important ,it gives everyone a chance to race and it should be a manatory ,must be done ,

Nascar event .



I dont think you can deem Carl and Brad one since for the next three races Carl doesnt dare get even close to Brad.

Where's Kyle Busch?That was one of the best ever and it was between the fans and him How could you ask for any better ,Kyle needs to start wining again ,get back into the chase And bumped Jimmie Johnson out of the way .Whew what a rush it be man. I would love to see Busch slam JJ into the wall win the race and Jimmie comes into victory lane and confront Kyle right there Whew i'm hyper ventilating from that .

Victory lane celebration

Hey I love Miss Sprint but do you think she needs something in the good ole days at least the driver got a kiss ,know what I mean?

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