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The Pace Lap writes:
"2014 Fantasy Kickoff!"
Posted by 24over48 on November 19, 2013
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The 2013 season is now over, and the means the 2014 season is just around the corner. The Fantasy season next year will be simple. Just comment your Top-10 prediction on the appropriate post and receive points based on your prediction. You must use one line per name, do not number your predictions, type both first and last name (and "Jr." if necessary), and please place additional comments before and after the listed names. This is very important as it simplifies the point calculating process.

The points system is experiencing a slight change this season. If you predict the winner, you'll win 15 points. For every driver 2nd-5th correct, you'll earn 4 points each. For every driver 6th-10th correct, you'll receive 2 points each. For every driver 2nd-10th that is exactly correct, you'll earn 1 bonus point each. A perfect prediction will now earn you 50 points. Let me elaborate. For every driver in the Top-10 that is correct, you get 2 points each. If you predicted them in the Top-5 correctly, you earn 2 more points making the total 4 points each. Predicting the winner will earn you 10 points, plus the 4 for being in the Top-5 making the total 14 points. For every driver predicted exactly where they finish, you'll earn 1 bonus point each. Since predicting a winner obviously means you predicted exactly where the driver finished, the total points for predicting the winner is 15. A perfect prediction (predicting the Top-10 in order) looks like this...

15+5+5+5+5+3+3+3+3+3= 50 points

If you are confused, email me at tombailey24@att.net and I will try to help you out.

There are 3 racing series that will be run. They are the Trucks Series, Nationwide Series, and the Cup Series. A 4th "Series" will be run using the 5 Cup Exhibition races (Shootout, 2 Duel, 2 All-Star Events). The champion of this "Series" will win 25 bonus points in the Cup Series. The predictors with the most points at the end of the season will win the championship of that series and a prize. The predictor with the most points in all 3 series combined will be declared the Predictor Champion and will also win a prize. (The Predictor Champion will be decided by Non-Chase points which will be explained momentarily).

I understand some of you may not want to receive prizes and just play for fun. That is perfectly fine with me, I have no problem with that. You won't be treated differently than those that want prizes. In order to become eligible for prizes, you must email me at tombailey24@att.net telling me your username and that you want to become eligible for prizes. The Truck Series Champion will receive a window/bumper sticker of their choice or an alternative of a similar price range. The Nationwide Series Champion will win a 1/64 scale car of their choice or an alternative of a similar price range. The Cup Series Champion will win a T-Shirt/hat of their choice or an alternative of a similar price range. The Predictor Champion will win a gift card of their choice. If any Champion did not declare eligibility for prizes, no prize will be given for that series.

Awards will be given out weekly. The MVP (Most Valuable Prediction) Award will go to the predictor who scored the most points in that race. Tiebreaker goes to the predictor who posted their prediction first. The MIPA (Most Impressive Prediction Award) will go to the predictor who made the most impressive prediction in that race. This award is completely biased as it is chosen entirely by the opinion of The Long Shot (a fellow predictor and my assistant). His decision of who gets the MIPA should be respected by all. If any controversy comes up because someone did not like the decision, I will eliminate the MIPA entirely. You must post your prediction before qualifying in order to become eligible to the MIPA.

There will be a Chase for the Cup in the Cup Series only. Procedures are similar to the actual Chase. After the 2nd Richmond race in Week 26, the points will be rest to create a battle for the championship between 12 predictors. The Top-10 in points are automatically in the Chase. The 2 Wild Cards will be decided by selecting the 2 predictors who predicted the winner of a race the most times. These 2 predictors must still be active by the time the Chase starts and must be between 11th-20th in the points. All 12 predictors will start the Chase with 2000 points. The Top-10 will receive 5 bonus points for every MVP they won during the season. The 2 Wild Cards will receive 5 bonus points for every MIPA they won during the season. The final 10 races will continue normally and the predictor with the most points at the end of the Chase will be crowned Cup Champion.

During this time, I will keep track of points as if there was not a Chase. This will be shown for curiosity and also will be used to help crown the Predictor Champion. With all this in mind, your season is not over if you missed the Chase! You can still win MVP's and MIPA's be eligible to win the Predictor Championship regardless if you're in the Chase or not.

If you've been a NASCAR fan for a while, you might remember the Winston Million. Here, we'll call it the Jackpot 5. 5 races will be randomly chosen in each series. If you win the MVP in 3 of the 5 races, you will win 50 bonus points in that series. Here are the Jackpot 5 races in the 2014 season...

Week 2 - Phoenix
Week 22 - Watkins Glen
Week 28 - New Hampshire
Week 31 - Charlotte
Week 34 - Texas

Week 3 - Las Vegas
Week 7 - Darlington
Week 12 - Dover
Week 13 - Michigan
Week 20 - Iowa

Week 4 - Charlotte
Week 5 - Dover
Week 7 - Gateway
Week 20 - Texas
Week 21 - Phoenix

We have new ways of outreach to make it easier to recruit (which you should all be doing!) Brand new Facebook and Twitter pages are up. Also, we have a text alert program! I do not see your number. When you text it (info is at the bottom of the post), it will ask for your full name (unless you used this program in the past). When it asks you for your name, just use the username you use here. That's the only thing I will see! I will never see your number, and you will never see mine, it is perfectly private. Many teachers use this program. I will use this to text the Top-10 results in Practice, Qualifying, and the Race. I will also send out news that may affect predictions (i.e. Tony Stewart broke his leg, Brian Vickers diagnosed with a blood clot, A.J. Allmendinger failed drug test, etc.) All info and links to the pages and text alert are at the bottom of every post.

The Long Shot will be heavily involved in the league as my right hand man. I may be too busy to take care of all of this and there may be times he will take over. There is already one week in June where he will do so. Whether I'm available or not, he has full authority to address any and all questions, comments, or concerns that may come up. Because of this, he deserves the same respect and cooperation you would give me. I will be in constant contact with him throughout the season. If you have any issues with him, you bring it to me and I will handle it. But ultimately, what he says goes. Period.

If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns at this time, please email me at tombailey24@att.net. I'm looking forward to this season and working with all of you. Please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and sign up for text alerts! All info is at the bottom of every post! See you in January!

- Tom (24over48)



Text Alert:
Sprint Cup: text @sprintcu (that's not a typo!!!) to 224-324-3338
Nationwide: text @nationw (also not a typo!!!) to 224-324-3338
Trucks: text @fantasyn (once again, not a typo!!!) to 224-324-3338

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