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In The News writes:
"In the News: The "Town Hall Meeting""
Posted by RealFastFan24 on January 22, 2010
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Yesterday, NASCAR held a press conference to tell us the changes it was going to make for the upcoming 2010 season. Brian France, NASCAR?s CEO, tried to explain to us a reason for almost every change they made, but it seemed like he and all of the heads of NASCAR had just made these changes to make the fans happy. They attempted to stop the constant whining that many casual fans express, whether on blogs, message boards, or in surveys. I understand their reasons behind trying to please the fans, but don?t they know that NASCAR fans cannot be trusted?

The majority of fans have made it stubbornly clear that they deplore the COT and want to revert back to the old car. Only, these are many of the same fans who complained about racing before the COT-era, and before that, and before that. The fans complain about single file restarts; NASCAR changes to Double File Restarts?Shootout Style. They still complain other things and in doing so, they are complaining about the very format and structure that has made our sport successful. In trying to please these fans, NASCAR is compromising safety and replacing with indecent attempts to make this great sport like the WWE.

Did you hear Mike Helton and Brian France during the meeting? They practically encouraged contact and rivalries and the like. What happened to the safety that was important enough that they developed a new car based on the concept? Not only did it seem like NASCAR wants its drivers to get into rivalries, it seems like it wants the drivers to wreck each other, as Denny Hamlin did to Brad Kesolowski during the final Nationwide Series race of 2009.

Personally, I believe that NASCAR should only excuse aggressive driving (i.e. bump drafting) for superspeedway racing only. Otherwise, aggressive driving becomes ridiculous. Does anyone remember Robby Gordon ruining Marcos Ambrose?s chance of winning the 2007 Montreal race? What about David Gilliland blatantly wrecking Juan Pablo Montoya at Texas in 2008? Is this the aggressive driving that NASCAR wants to excuse? Because if it is, then this sport has become indecent.

Oh, and one more thing. For NASCAR to even consider taking away the rule for the yellow line just to please the fans is beyond unsafe. That?s a sure wreck waiting to happen if the line was to be taken away from Daytona and Talladega. Luckily, the line is still there and if there is a pass made below the yellow line, the driver will be punished as before.

I am in support of the double file restarts being implemented in the Camping World Truck Series. That will improve the series, as will the return of conventional pit stops. The experiment from last year did not work and was very confusing to anybody who followed the series.

I don?t know whether I?m in favor of the new spoiler. On one hand, the drivers need more downforce to have a more competitive race. But as Carl Edwards has stated, the rear wing leaves the driver displaying more of his abilities inside of the car. Honestly, the splitter is what I want to leave the car. Just breaking a brace ruins a driver?s day at many tracks.

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