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The Pace Lap writes:
"Nationwide Predictor Standings after Daytona"
Posted by 24over48 on March 1, 2013
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My sincerest apologies, a virus went through my computer and it took a few days for everything to reboot.

Apparently I did not make myself clear enough last weekend. When putting in your predictions, you should have the first and last name of each driver, they should NOT be numbered, and there should NOT be spaces between the lines. I'm sorry if that sounds strict but if those instructions are not followed, I have to manually count the points which, compared to the other method, is time consuming.

For those that followed instructions, I thank you, I did not have to waste time counting your predictions. All I did was copy and paste and the computer tallied the points automatically, took literally two seconds each. For those that did not follow instructions, it's okay, just apply them for the future. With this computer thing, I am able to count all predictions in roughly the same amount of time it takes to manually count one prediction so PLEASE follow instructions!

There are a few things with prediction format that I did not explain earlier. Please make sure you spelled the driver's name correctly, I saw a few "Micheal" and "Marcus Ambros". (It's Michael and Marcos Ambrose). Also, I know I only asked for first and last name, but the exception is Juan Pablo Montoya. One last thing, there are several "Jr."s in NASCAR, I need first name, last name and the Jr. (yes, even with the period). The computer wouldn't count the prediction if the period after Jr. wasn't there. If I didn't catch that, a few people would've lost points.

Congratulations to myself, Nascar Lead Lap Points, Draco, Dodge, and Kevin20fan for predicting Tony Stewart the winner! With 18 points, I received the MVP.

1. 24over48 - 18
2. Nascar Lead Lap Points - 17
2. Dodge - 17
4. Kevin20fan - 16
5. Draco - 14
6. Biscuits In A Red Bull - 7
6. Riven3d - 7
8. Kubica Fan Ireland - 6
9. Slicedbread96 - 5
9. Jr88fan - 5
9. NicoRosbergFan - 5
9. Mik Maqracer83 - 5
13. Numbah48hatah - 2

Nationwide MVP Standings
1. 24over48 - 1

Win Standings
1. 24over48 - 1
1. Nascar Lead Lap Points - 1
1. Draco - 1
1. Dodge - 1
1. Kevin20fan - 1


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