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The Pace Lap writes:
"2013 Fantasy NASCAR Predictor Cup"
Posted by 24over48 on January 12, 2013
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With many changes coming this season and hopefully many new competitors, I've felt that I should organize all these changes and rules into one post so you can all reference either here or on Facebook. The first change coming into this season is rather simple. I am opening the opportunity to compete through Facebook for current and new competitors. I understand this may create a few problems. One could easily have a double identity and play as 2 usernames. If you are going to use Facebook, please message me or email me the username you are using. For the new people, I will ask that they think of a username for them. I will not count any points on Facebook until a username is identified. There are still ways around that, but I wouldn't worry much as there are no prizes for the champion.

I also understand some of you may not want to give out their identity on Facebook. Unless you announce it on the page, no one can really trace your username. Only I will know who is who if you emailed me or messaged me your username. I do not keep email addresses either. If you're still not comfortable using Facebook or emailing me, that is fine, you're not missing anything. This is just primarily to help people feel more involved in the league.

The method of playing the game is no different. You put your top-10 prediction in the comments section on the same post that I put mine. On Facebook, it's the same, just go under the "Events" section and find the post, and put yours in the comments. I do ask that you get in the habit of writing the full name of drivers as cases like the Busch brothers may come up. Number your predictions 1-10, there have been several times where someone would put 9 or 11 drivers instead of 10. And also, all predictions must be in before the green flag of the race. You may, however, change your prediction as many times as you like before the start of the race.

The points system for each race is the same as last year. 13 points for predicting the winner. 3 points for predicting drivers 2-5. 1 point for predicting drivers 6-10. There will be bonus points available for every race. If you predict a driver exactly where he finishes, you will receive one bonus point. The only exceptions to this are "extra" predictions outside the top-10 and predicting the winner. Also, 5 races in each series will be selected at random. If you win the MVP in 3 of those 5 races, you will receive a jackpot bonus of 30 points. This will be our version of the old "Winston Million".

I will be keeping track of some stats besides number of wins in case of a tie (learned my lesson after last year). I will keep track, of course, how many times you predict the winner of a race. I will also keep track of MVP's, awarded to the predictor who scored the most points in a race. The "Winston Million" MVP's will also be recorded. We will treat exhibition races (Shootout, Duels, All-Star) like normal races; however the points will be recorded separately. Awards will be given out the same way, and an Exhibition Champion will be crowned after the All-Star Race. And, of course, I'll keep track of the MIPA's; given to the prediction I thought was the most impressive for a race. So here's the tiebreaking process:

1. Number of wins
2. MVP's
3. Winston Million
4. Exhibition
5. MIPA's

I understand it is unpopular to most of you but there will be a Chase. My reasoning is although many were eligible for the title near the end; many didn't have a good chance. The Chase might make it closer among more competitors. The format is similar to the real Chase. After the 2nd Richmond race (Week 26), the top-10 in points will be reset with 1000 points plus 3 points for every time they predicted the winner. The 2 predictors with the most wins 11th-20th in points will also be reset with 1000 points plus 2 points for every MVP they received. After the points are reset, everything remains the same for the rest of the season. I will keep track of the points to show how it would look if there were no Chase. This will only take place in the Cup series.

This is a friendly competition. There are no high stakes involved, so have at it! If you want to make a wacky prediction, be my guest, you have nothing to lose. Be respectful to everyone, I will not tolerate any insults or inappropriate language towards another competitor. I will give a warning if it happens, a 2nd violation results in a 1-week suspension, a 3rd and any more infractions result in an indefinite suspension. If you were given a warning, a new year means a clean slate. If you were given a suspension, then a new year does not mean a clean slate and penalties will accumulate.

Don't argue over MIPA's. There were several cases last year. I was very disappointed I couldn't make the MIPA worth bonus points this year. But with people arguing over a MIPA when it is worth nothing leads me to believe that it would just make it worse if it was worth something. There is a year-end voting session for MIPA of the Year, and it is the 5th tiebreaker (which probably will never be used), and I almost think that's too much. If you all can show me you can handle this biased award, I might make it worth points next year. If not, I'll get rid of it.

Thank you all for your time and patience when reading these elaborate changes. I hope we all can work together and make this a fun competition to be a part of this season. The first event of the year will be the Shootout and it will go under the Exhibition points. Remember, these exhibition races do count for things like predicting the winner, MVP's, and MIPA's that could help in Chase hunts and tiebreakers.

2012 MIPA's of the Year are...

8 - Kansas - T-27 - Predicted 9 of the Top-10

10 - Iowa - Numbah24fan - Perfect top-5, 29 out of possible 30 points

16 - Kentucky - NicoRosbergFan - Perfect top-3, 4 of top-5, 25 out of 30 points

I'm sure some of you may want to know what the "Winston Million" races are. There are 5 races in each series that will go towards the hunt for the jackpot of 30 points. You need to win the MVP in 3 of the 5 in order to win it. These races were chosen at random by an online random generator and will be different races every year.

1. Week 3 - Las Vegas
2. Week 6 - Martinsville
3. Week 18 - Daytona
4. Week 20 - Indianapolis
5. Week 30 - Kansas
1. Week 8 - Talladega
2. Week 9 - Darlington
3. Week 13 - Michigan
4. Week 21 - Watkins Glen
5. Week 30 - Charlotte
1. Week 2 - Martinsville
2. Week 3 - Rockingham
3. Week 5 - Charlotte
4. Week 14 - Canada
5. Week 22 - Homestead

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