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The Monday Morning Crew Chief writes:
"My thoughts: Canadian Grand Prix"
Posted by martin-n-rusty on June 10, 2012
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Canada never dissapoints - Last year, the rain helped put on a great show. This year, not a drop of rain in sight, and the race was STILL a good one to watch...

The Protesters - Yes, I think freedom of speech is something ALL should have, but this past weekend, there were protesters looking to disrupt the race, with smoke bombs being set off at Montreal subway stations, some rioting, threats at those who disagreed with them. Jacques Villeneuve was right. Many of these protesters, seeing what this is about, are nothing more than spoiled brats who never heard the word "no" from Mommy and Daddy, and have a warped sense of the world. Freedom of speech is all good, but sometimes, you are better off if you found yourself a roll of duct tape, and used it across your own mouth.

McLaren's Jekyll and Hyde day - For the second race in a row, Jenson Button does his best impersonation of his younger years, when he was a backmarker in a Honda, but Lewis Hamilton goes to make it 7 for 7 (more on that later). You have to wonder if something is up with Button's McLaren. Granted, it's not as bad a run of bad luck with car parts like Michael Schumacher is having this season, but considering McLaren's stature, two bad races in a row like that, I say it's time for McLaren to find out what's going on there. Hamilton on the other hand, drove brilliantly. Had he had a better first stop, this race would have been a no doubter for the 1st spot, even considering Fernando Alonso's Ferrari decided to drop like a rock late.

Michael Schumacher's bugs - You have got to wonder, yes, Schumacher isn't driving like his old self, but you have to wonder how he would do if his car would not fail him each week. Makes you wonder even more, though I would highly doubt they would do such to a former 7 time World Champion, unless Schumacher has been cool with it, and willing to play along, if his car is the guinea pig, for Nico Rosberg's car this year.

7 for 7! - I don't think NASCAR has even had this kind of start in comparison to seasons (they had 10 different winners in 2000 in the first 10 races, but that was with a 34 race season, about 30% of a season, compared to 7 out of 20 F1 has done so far, 35% of a season), and there are still drivers out there that could win a race. Kimi Raikkonen and Roman Grosjean have Lotuses that are very capable of winning a race, Ferrari has some bugs worked out, and if they decided to chuck Felipe Massa, who I think has lost it, before the season was done, whoever would go in that car I think could have a decent shot at winning, Kamui Kobayashi or Sergio Perez is a lucky break or two away from being winners (3 or even 4 first time winners in a season, other than the first F1 season, would be unprecedented I believe), I would say that having a 8th or 9th winner before we have someone winning their 2nd race of the season isn't out of the question. 1982 had 11 different winners over the course of a season, the record, so with some luck, I think that number could be reached. 1983, 85, and 2003 had 8 winners, and 1975 had 9 winners, so if certain drivers can do what they should with what they have, those numbers WILL be broken.

Off to Valencia - Let's hope they can put on a decent show, but if the past is any indication, we might need weather to ensure a good one.

Power Rankings -
1. Lotus (6)- With a few more laps, we could maybe have had Hamilton vs. Grosjean. As long as Grosjean can get out of the gate, he is showing he can have a good race.
2. Red Bull (1) - Pit stops in F1 at or above 4 seconds should NOT be tolerated. That probably kept Vettel off the podium this week.
3. McLaren (5) - Exterminate Button's bugs NOW!
4. Sauber (8) - Good week. They have seemed to master how to manage the Pirelli tires exceptionally well, and some weeks, it has showed for Perez and Kobayashi.
5. Ferrari (2) - Well, Massa is now scoring points with some regularity, but still at a very un-Ferrari like position. Still waiting for the time when Ferrari chucks him from his ride.
6. Mercedes (3) - See what I said for McLaren, and apply to Schumacher.
7. Force India (4) - At least Paul Di Resta was in the points early. Could not keep in the points late.
8. Toro Rosso (9) - Another ho-hum day.
9. Williams (7) - Where was that speed that Maldonado had at Spain?
10. Caterham (10) - Next verse, same as first
11. Marussia (11) - See above.
12. HRT (12) - Their brakes are as crappy as the team!

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